Providing Integrated Waste Management
& Environmental Solutions

WISE Solutions-CDI, Inc. and it's partners "WISE" provide complete Integrated Waste Management Program "IWMP" Solutions from pick up to Landfill and every aspect of waste management in between which includes but not limited to environmental engineering services solid waste collection, transfer, recycling, disposal services, waste-to-energy, landfill gas-to-energy facilities just to name a few.

In addition to IWMP Solutions, WISE provides water, wastewater, water resources/environmental quality, wet weather control, and hazardous waste/environmental management markets which includes but not limited to water supply, wastewater, storm water, and watershed management planning, as well as engineering design, program management, construction management, design/build, geographic information system, site assessment, regulatory compliance, asset management, and vulnerability assessment.


Community Partnership Approach

WISE is committed to provide excellent collection, transfer, recycling, and disposal services. Our goal is to be dynamic, partnering with our customers and communities to manage and reduce waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy.

Environmental Performance

Drawing on our resources and experience, we actively pursue projects and initiatives that benefit the waste industry, the communities they serve and the environment.


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Abidjan Waste Management Contract Announcement


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Architectural Rendering of a Waste Treatment and Recycling Plant


LA-based Wise Solutions Lands $200 Million+ Concession in Ivory Coast

WISE Solutions CDI will invest $226 million to acquire equipment and build infrastructure. In addition, up to three recycling and digester plants will be constructed that can process 6,000 tons daily and up to 2.5 million tons annually. 18-Jul-2014

Urban Sanitation: Côte d'Ivoire and the United States grant for solid waste management

Le ministre de l`environnement, de la salubrité urbaine, et du développement durable Allah Kouadio Rémi, accompagné de ses collègues Nialé Kaba en charge de l`économie et des finances et Abdourahame Cissé en charge du budget...

U.S.-based WISE Solutions wins Abidjan waste management contract

ABIDJAN, June 4 (Reuters) - California-based environmental services firm WISE Solutions CDI will invest around 109 billion CFA francs ($226.35 million) under a 15-year concession to manage waste...

Wise Solutions CDI's Respected Partners


Company & Services

WISE Solutions-CDI, Inc. and it's Partners "WISE" is on a mission to minimize environmental impact while maximizing resources value for the African continent so the respective countries economy and environment can thrive and benefit.

WISE as a leading environmental services company, are able to offer an unparalleled range of solutions that help answer your complex business and regulatory needs. Working together, we can design and implement zero-waste initiatives that maximize your operation’s materials value and minimize your overall environmental footprint.

WISE Solutions-CDI, Inc. and our partners are committed to providing and exploring current and emerging technology, and methods that can work to create a sustainable green future in both developed and underdeveloped countries. With current and future developments located around the world we are impacting the earth in a positive sustainable and renewable way.

Wise Solutions CDI's Board 0f Directors is a body of elected share holders who jointly oversees the activities of the companies and organizations of Wise Solutions-CDI, Inc. and Wise Solutions CDI- S.A Cote d'Ivoire.

Wise Solutions CDI's Board 0f Directors is a body of Directors committed to Environmental and Social Change and Waste Mitigation.

  • Lloyd J. Prevost – Founder and Chairman
    Wise Solutions-CDI, Inc. and Wise Solutions CDI- S.A Cote d'Ivoire
  • Raphael Levy – President and Vice Chair
    WISE Solutions-CDI, Inc.
  • Alan K. Wong, P.E. – President / Director General
    Wise Solutions CDI- S.A Cote d'Ivoire
  • Kelvin E. Fossett – Vice President
    WISE Solutions-CDI, Inc.
  • Hratch Hutch Der Steppanian – Vice President
    WISE Solutions-CDI, Inc.
  • Jean Luc Awaza – Senior Executive Vice President
    WISE Solutions CDI, SA.
  • Ali Mohamed Ouattara – Executive Vice President
    WISE Solutions CDI, SA.
  • Serge Amissah – CFO
    WISE Solutions CDI, SA.

Company Objective

The Company’s primary objective is to create a clean and safe living environment while adhering to the laws of the jurisdictions within which it operates. We believe it is imperative to exhibit the highest ethical standards as a company and as individuals. Our aim is to be defined by a culture that reflects our core values. Our values provide the foundation for our company’s practices and standards.

Plan and implement clean and reliable collection of municipal wastes

Promote community awareness and involvement

Promote and facilitate source separation and recycling of household wastes

Plan and implement energy efficient waste processing technologies, such as but not limited to anaerobic digestion, composting, and thermal processings

Plan and implement engineered landfills

Where applicable, arrange financing (private or otherwise) for public/private partnerships for Integrated Waste Management Programs in emerging economies similar or such as Côte d'Ivoire

Ensure Upgrades to Existing Landfills and Disposal Sites

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